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ModelMaking: Beauty Garden!~

Annyong haseyo!!! :D Welcome to Beauty Garden!~ kekeke we were assigned to create a 1:20 scaled model of a certain shop (we had to randomly pick a shop) I think it was meant to be!! <3 Ate Abee and I got Cosmetics Shop!!! :D

When you enter our shop XD You’d be greeted with these cute mushrooms :>

Took me more than 30 minutes to create this! ~.~ Furniture makers I really look up to you!!!

Check out our tiny nail polishes!!! Those are scaled!!! :>

Tony Moly facial masks :)

Oh~ by the way our ‘model’ endorser is Park Shin Hye :) ;D

She’s so pretty :)

We have a standee too!!! :D

Model making is so much fun!! :D I enjoyed making the tiny cosmetics! Who knew that one day I’d be able to incorporate my addiction to Korean Cosmetics with my course :D

Erika’s Weather Forecast: Skin Malgeum Smoother, when will you arrive?? :)

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