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Dear My!~ New Etude House Products! (Korea)


Annyong haseyo!! Shinee Boys look so excited! Etude House Korea has a new make~up line called Dear My! :) They launched a series of mini cfs wherein the Shinee boys are all being attracted to Sandara Park because of the kiss note!~ The line has other products as well :D Like nail polishes, lip glosses, compacts, and of course the 24 shades lip stick!

This post will be about the whole Dear My Collection! :D Let’s get started!

Dear My Nail Polishes:


Pretty Polishes! I think these are made to match the lipsticks!~ Oh the logo reminds me of Cinderella’s Carriage! :D :>

Pretty shades of pink, beige and orange! :D The Dear My Nail Polishes cost 3 000 won each roughly about~ P 147.30 :) when converted :D

Dear My Blush on

These blushes look very familiar! kekeke~ remember Etude House’s Peach Beam Blushers? :D

Comes in 4 different shades with 2 colors in one pact! :D In Korea these costs 9 500 won each~ P 466.45

Tip Note on how to use :) :>

Dear My Milky Gloss:


There are actually 2 Gloss variants included in the Dear My Collection :D This is the first one which is called Milky Gloss which does not contain any shimmery particles :)

Comes in 8 different Milky shades :D The Dear My Milky Gloss costs 6 000 won~ converted to Philippine peso~ P 294.60

Tip Note: Use this after the Dear My Blooming Lips lipstick to create plump looking lips!

Dear My Crystal Gloss:

This is the other variant of the Dear My Collection. This one is called the Dear My Crystal Gloss which adds a shimmery crystal effect!

The Dear My Crystal Gloss comes in 8 different shades too! The price is just the same with the Milky Gloss :D

Tip Note: After applying the Dear My Blooming Lips Lipstick top it off with the Dear My Crystal Gloss for the high shine look!

Dear My Compact SPF 30:


This one is a very cute and girly compact! Comes in two shades and the applicator is just so cute! A pact costs 15 000 won in Korea~ when converted costs 736.50 pesos.

For the main product of the line~ tada!!! The Dear My Blooming Lips Talk!


The packaging!! <3 So girly!!! I think when it hits here in the Philippines it would be sold out fast! :))

Color Note~ Etude House’s Hot Color choices! Most of the shades here were featured in the cf! :D

Kiss Note Story 1 (Lipstick shade OR204) Dara park as the student and Jonghyun as the professor~ During Jonghyun’s lecture, Dara was wondering if the kiss note is true! She tested it and wrote Jonghyun’s name. He kisses dara on the forehead!

Kiss Note Story 2 (Lipstick shade RD304) Key is a jock in the school who has a lot of fans. Dara tries if the kiss note is real and writes Key’s name on the Kiss Note. Dara gets a kiss on the cheek!~

Kiss Note Story 3 (Lipstick shade OR205) Taemin is a cook!~ Suddenly Dara writes his name on the Kiss Note… bam bam! Taemin is about to kiss Dara, but then she receives a message from…. Minho! Taemin kissed the window! XD

Kiss Note Story 3 (Lipstick Shade PK004) Dara is bothered~ She is sitting on top of a slide. She is thinking if it would work on Minho~ (The leading man!) If it worked on Jonghyun, Key and Taemin~ it might work on Minho too! As she was about to write Minho’s name… The lipstick fell and she hurriedly tried to catch it! But she almost fell when Prince Minho caught her and kissed her on the lips! :) Dara’s kiss note!

The colors are really pretty and varied! I’m sure everyone could find a shade that would suit their personality and fashion! The Dear My Blooming Lips Talk costs 8 500 won in Korea~ or P 417.35 when converted :)

Tip Note! :D Create your own Blooming Lips! and let lips talk! ;)

*The Philippine Convertion is not the exact amount that would be priced here in the Philippines~ I just converted it so you guys could get a clue on how much it would probably cost when sold here :D

Erika’s Weather Forecast: 4 more plates to do~ and I’m FREE!!! :D XD

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