8 notes & Korean Cosmetics in Asia Part 2~

We’re back for the 2nd part of our K-beauty special feature on the popular Korean cosmetic brands in Asia (particularly Seoutheast Asia)! Hope you guys liked the first part and if you haven’t read it yet, check it out! Anyway, let’s move on to the 2nd half, shall we?

8. Purederm 퓨어덤

But their model doesn’t look so Korean… Hmmm…

Purederm is another brand being sold in our local department stores. Their tag line, “Seoul Salon in Your Sala” best represents what they are selling – Face & Body Care products! Their nose pore strips are really effective!

9. Skin Food 스킨푸드

Next up, Skin Food! It’s a really expensive brand that shouldn’t be so. The prices of the products sold in stores are doubled compared to those that are sold online though their theme and philosophy are nice too. Food for the skin!

The interior has a nice ambiance! And I love the prints on their packaging. I just can’t buy from the stores cause it’s expensive.

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