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Korea Cosmetics: EL CURE Vitamin C Serum!!

Annyong haseyo!!~ Today’s happy summery (yes the weather right now is super hot, today’s October right?!! ~,~ global warming #,#) review will be a product sent by Korea Cosmetics!
So EL Cure uses natural cosmetics to heal skin! These natural cosmetics are suitable to those with sensitive skin because of the use of advanced natural ingredients still without using additives and harmful chemical ingredients.
A bottle contains 50 ml of serum. It may not look the prettiest on the table (kinda looks like those old medicine bottles) but it sure is effective in dispensing just the right amount of product!
It’s made of glass too! So be careful when handling it~
[Product Details] Contains ionized form of Vitamin C. When entering the human or animal body, it converts into L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) through the enzymolysis of phosphatase, and maintains the same physiological function and biological efficacy as L-ascorbic acid. It is able to effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in skin, facilitate the synthesis of collagen. It may also resist the damage caused on the skin due to the U.V. light, smog and other environmental effects.
- US FDA (OTC) registration
[Technology]The efficacy of Vitamin C depends on the absorption not the content. To be effective, the most important factor is the absorption of Vitamin C but the majority of Vitamin C products do not have the key technology which can be elevated the level of Vitamin C absorption factor. However, Elcure have ‘Ionization skill’ studied by dermatologists for more than 10 years, which can highly elevate the absorption of Vitamin C.
[No chemical synthetic additives]
  • No preservatives 
  • No artificial colors 
  •  No thickeners 
  • No antistatic 
  • No antioxidants 
*YEY for the ingredients! I see no Paraben :>
How is El Cure Vitamin C-Serum different?
- Change pure vitamin into a stable form and display the original efficacy vitamin C. 
- Optimum concentration and acidity for absorption. 
- The home care product of iontophoresis to improve the absorption rate effectively due to the ionization to change electron configuration. 
- Natural ingredient are safe for even sensitive skin.
Following it’s medicine look~ kekeke :) To dispense the product you will have to use the dropper inside… :D
The dropper gets the right amount of product with just one dip!
The consistency is liquid-y and it’s easy to spread, it’s also color less~ thus following the no artificial colors added. As for the scent, it really smells like Vitamin C! Something very citrusy like an orange! :D
[How to use:]
  • Apply 2~3 drops of serum on face at night after facial cleansing 
  • After that you can use your other skin care products
It’s a pleasure to spread all over the face :D :> It glides on effortlessly and gets absorbed by the skin easily! By the way, it you are wondering why use this only at night, that’s because whitening works better at night! When skin is not exposed to the harsh sun!
I have normal skin type and after spreading the serum it gets back to normalcy~ it’s not moisturizing and it’s not drying too!
I have been using this since September 7 which is more than a month now. So from the photos *1. Sept. 7; 2. Sept. 21; 3. Oct. 5; 4.Oct. 12 there is great improvement right?! :D Yes! 
Skin looks brighter now and healthier :D :» And I’ve just used this for a little more than a month! The photo on the left was taken last Sept. 7 and the photo on the right was taken last Oct. 12!
The serum is a super great product! I love how it made my skin look brighter and healthier and it did not give me break outs! I don’t think it could lighten spots but it could lighten skin. Thank you El Cure and Korea Cosmetics!
Please do like and visit El Cure’s website to learn more about other products and to know more about this particular serum visit this website. Like Korea Cosmetics on Facebook too! :D
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