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2ne1 the Party~ nolja!

Had fun partying last night with the fiercest female girl group EVAAAHH! <3 2ne1  for the WIN!~ Went with my sister and cousins… it was so much FUN 

The night had some highs and some lows  I really didn’t like the first band that played waha! X) OMO I really didn’t understand a single line (even the part when she said the name of their band)  (honest opinion here~)

It was nice to see Christian Bautista sing live! ASIANSATION indeed :) And I am going to download songs of the Bloomfields, they were awesome too  ! The drummer is really good! I got deaf when Callalily played song after song waha~ And OMO the PHILIPPINE ALL STARS were the BOMB! I wished they danced longer! So great! I’m a fan  SWAG on!

AWESOME glow sticks!! waha so pretty to look at  though we didn’t get one since it was overpriced :)) YEA so we settled with waving our ~almost~glowing ballers ;)


NOT! haha since we were seated way high up (UPPER B) we really thought that it was Dara kekeke to our surprise it’s Luneta Fark :))

HERE are the real 2ne1 members <3

Even though I was meters away from them I can feel their presence! SO OVERWHELMING! ~good thing I didn’t cry 

Their first performance was FIRE (memories! haha song was from 2 years ago but it never gets old)

Dara is so proud to have 2ne1 by her side What made the fans cheer some more was when the 2ne1 members spoke some Tagalog :) Dara taught them well 

2ne1 singing Lonely!!! <3 

Cause baby I’m so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely eheh…

Such lucky BlackJacks infront! 

Dara sung IN OR OUT :) Such a cute song! She’s very humble and I laughed when she said “Pwede akong kumanta?” She was so happy that she got to perform in Araneta. From the very start she can’t stop smiling!  aww DARA fighting!  P.S. I totally love her dance in IN OR OUT waha now will try to find a video of her and try to learn the moves :) kekeke

List of songs sung (not in order haha too busy Partying): Fire, Please Don’t Go, Lonely, I Don’t Care, Can’t Nobody, Clap Your Hands, In or Out, Go Away

I could say it was a good mix of songs. They sang new releases which was great and some old ones which we totally danced our hearts out :)) (since we’ve been dancing it for 2 years and still counting) I wanted them to sing all their songs waha 8 songs wasn’t enough! So I left Araneta wanting more

The night was filled with fireworks and special effects >,< waha I just wished for the fog to be controlled… Minzy did a split and the only thing that could be seen was her head X)

Idol Minzy is standing up like a ninja!~ That’s how she roll :)

Will definitely go and see them again when they have a FULL CONCERT all to themselves 

Confetti and Balloons!~ I wished they said a proper goodbye waha they left the stage in a hurry boo hoo 

Outfit of the Day  Waha <3 Cheetah!

Erika’s Weather Forecast: The wait was long and exhausting! But it was totally worth it! <3 Just to see them live was a dream come true! Will now save money for their next concert! 

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