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Etude House: Dear Darling Nail Care Step1

Annyong haseyo! I’m a really really really big fan of nail arts :D I make at least 2 nail arts per month and I usually have nail polish on :) But I must not abuse my nails, so to care for them I use this AWESOME product from Etude House >.<

Ohhh!~ Are you curious on how this little product can do magic?

It’s part of Etude House’s Dear Darling Nail Care, it has four other ‘steps’ to achieve healthy nails :D

Well this one according to Etude House Philippines’ website is a:

10ml Nail moisturizing essence formulated with Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E.

Look at how pretty the handle is! Attention to detail!~ ++++ :D <3

Pretty right? :D I think I’m going to reuse the bottle or keep it as a display!!! :>

The brush is also super great! It’s easy to apply the product smoothly with one stroke.

It’s not the usual round brushes, the brush is flat (I think all of Etude House’s nail polishes has brushes like this for maximum efficiency)

Well the product’s consistency is like that of oil, so don’t try to use this as base coat for your nail polish ;D.

Here is the BEFORE photo of nails (I just removed my polish :D)

Here is the AFTER photo :)

Your nails would look shiny :D

I let the essence settle for awhile (30 minutes or more) I use this when I’m watching tv, surfing the net or just any activity which does not involve having the nails be constantly touched :)

I highly recommend this especially if you always put on nail polish :)

Get the complete SET:

  1. Nail Essence
  2. Cuticle Softener, 10ml Cuticle skin softener and smoothing nail gel formulated with Hydro Collagen.
  3. Nail Hardener, 10ml Nail strengthening solution formulated with Safflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E improves natural nail shine and hardness.
  4. Quick Dry Base Coat, 10ml Pre-enamel base coat formulated with Lavender Oil and Vitamin E improves nail color expression and smoothness.
  5. Volume Shine Top Coat , 10ml Enamel top coat formulated with Lemon Oil and Vitamin E protects nail color and longevity.

*each bottle costs 128 pesos

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