Annyeong haseyo! I'm studying at the University of the Philippines Diliman taking up BS Interior Design. Korean cosmetics, well anything makeup-related, are my major splurges. I love Kpop (2ne1 bias...BLACKJACK BABY) , Kdramas, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Hunger Games. Ultimate crushes: YOOCHUN ^^, OK Taecyeon, Lee Min Ho & Peeta Mellark. kekeke!~
CAMERAS USED: Olympus Tough & Nikon D5100, sometimes I use my Samsung Galaxy Young La Fleur and IPhone 4 ;D
*open for product reviews/ sponsorships/ ads and collaborations, & etc. please send inquiry to my email erika(dot)querijero (at)yahoo(dot)com
*items were purchased with my own money unless specified :> !~

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Erikajjang: Korean Cosmetics~

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Enprani: Star-Icon Leg Balm!~


Annyeong haseyo! <3 I can make the stars dance~ Light up the moon~ says Selena Gomez. Have ‘star like legs’ with the help of this Star-Icon Leg Balm! I got this last August when I attended the Holika Holika Grand Launch <3 Kamsa hamnida Holika Holika Ph! <3


ENPRANI Star-Icon Leg Balm.

Super micro pink & gold pearl creates smooth and glossy legs.


Pretty pretty packaging <3 This one has a similar function to the Tony Moly Star Secret Body Balm :) Both aims to make…


Our skin glow, k-idol style <3 2NE1 <3


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Etude House: Tear Drop Liner 01 White Tear!~


Annyeong haseyo! It’s the last day of 2013!~ Let’s all prepare and get ready to welcome 2014 with a sparkling bang! And to cap off the year, my final review for 2013 will be about Etude House’s Tear Drop Liner 01 White Tear!


K-idol makeup is not complete if there are no glitters under the eye line :> And this look is super fun to sport! See how Minzy, Bom, Tiffany and Hyuna wear a line of glitters under their eye line complimenting the strong and feisty eye make!


And probably the most notable K-pop star who sports this look is none other than SNSD’s Jessica Jung! <3 Princess vibe indeed!


Kkk~ The print already faded XD But the product still looks so kawaii <3 The “tear” shaped bottle is topped off with a long and functional brush tip applicator.


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2NE1 Falling in Love Comeback, Nails & Pretty Stuff~


MAKE SOME NOISE Blackjacks! 2NE1 is back!!!! They get prettier and better with every comeback ^-^~ Watch how they fuse reggae and their own swag in their new MV Falling in Love <3 They truly are ahead when it comes to Kpop cause they are different :) Like with what CL once said "They laugh at us because we are different. But we laugh at them cause they are all the same." :) omo baddest female Seoul city evahhh had!


That is why they are my K-idols ^-^ And that is why I love them so much :>
They already had an all-kill! Topping all the major charts in Korea!!! :D Fighting!!!!


In line with the comeback~ I was just so giddy when I saw @minzy21mz’s nail post!!!!! <3 I tried to re-create the nail art~ I love all the members of 2NE1 but Minzy is my bias~ kekeke


Leopard print nails :)


It’s pretty easy to do! Just make your “french-tip” occupy almost 1/3 of your nail and line it with jewels :D




I currently have such bongga nails! XD


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Annyeong haseyo! Wazzup wazzup I’m 21! :))) Today is mah birthday and to celebrate~ I want to host a small giveaway :D This might not be much but these came from the bottom of my heart <3 kekeke This is also my way of thanking all of you guys who really stayed with me and cared enough to read my blog (^-^)/~ kamsa hamnida!!!

Here’s what you’ll be winning :>


1. bench/perfect skin whitening kit


2. Vegefruit Complex Tablets


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MeToday: And all the little things ^-^~


My first visit to CNA this year!~ :D They have a lot of new sparkly, fluffy, neon hair accessories and all things kyeopta!!! omo my kpop bling bling heart became happy :)


But because I was poor :))) I intentionally did not bring more than 200 pesos with me. And that move really saved me from buying more than what I need :> hihihihi~


NEED hahaha!!! BLACKJACK baby~ :D This name plate is just so pretty and cool like 2NE1~~ Please have a comeback soon!!! <3


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Etude House: Skin Malgeum Moist~~~!


After almost a year since it’s release, do you still wanna be sweet??? Malgeum! The weather is really cold these days and I’m loving it! :D So this toner, somehow, is weather appropriate! :>


If this is your first time hearing the word Mal:gem then the next words are for you :) Mal:gem or Malgeum is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.


Skin Malgeum are hypoallergenic toners created by Etude House to promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.


Watch Jonghyun sing about not letting moisture run dry! XD

Skin Malgeum Moist replenishes and retains moisture on a daily basis to help maintain a protective layer. The more you pat onto skin, the more moist it becomes so don’t forget to ‘tok tok tok’


More singing… by Shinee!!! omo~~ LSS XD


This big bottle of Skin Malgeum can be used in many ways :D As a regular toner, a mask (they say it can be used as a 30 second mask but 30 seconds sounds really funny XD) and spray on which is a lie!

WARNING: If you’re hoping that you could use the Skin Malgeum Spray Bottle with this particular variant then do not expect!!!! The consistency is thick so when sprayed the trajectory is just straight on! XD


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I have no new year&#8217;s resolutions whatsoever~ but I do have a goal!!! And that is to own a DSLR camera :&#187;&gt; This is all because of Film 110~~~ Playing and taking photos with a trusty SLR is so delightful! &lt;3
Ultimate Goal~ here I come!!! Starting the year with a goal! Allowance please come to me :)))
Erika&#8217;s Weather Forecast: OMO Etude House Philippines&#8217; fan page is getting some hate comments, cause Dara is no longer the endorser~~~ I&#8217;m sad too :&#171;&#160;I hope Sulli &amp; Krystal could live up to Dara&#8217;s beautiful~ness &gt;,&lt; fighting!

I have no new year’s resolutions whatsoever~ but I do have a goal!!! And that is to own a DSLR camera :»> This is all because of Film 110~~~ Playing and taking photos with a trusty SLR is so delightful! <3

Ultimate Goal~ here I come!!! Starting the year with a goal! Allowance please come to me :)))

Erika’s Weather Forecast: OMO Etude House Philippines’ fan page is getting some hate comments, cause Dara is no longer the endorser~~~ I’m sad too :« I hope Sulli & Krystal could live up to Dara’s beautiful~ness >,< fighting!

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My Satchel Story~

Kekeke XD Sounds like MMK??~ Well I’m just SUPER DUPERLY happy that finally!!!!!~ after like months of wanting a satchel… I finally have one!!!! <333 Dream come true!!! (*pssttt… me not seeing Lee Min Ho is also a contributor for  getting this satchel XD)

Yeah, I got this liquid eye liner too XD Because I needed a replacement for my Drawing Show Gel LinerOh~ m’ Eye Line! I saw this being one of the items to create Dara’s newest Holiday 2012 endorsement Doll Up look for Etude House!!!~

Dara is SOOOO GORGEOUS!!! True krung krung goddess!!! She’s like the best cosmetic makeup model/endorser ever!!!


Anyhoo~ back to the satchel story ^^ I was saving up to buy a genuine leather satchel which costs about 3000+ pesos @.@ (RED TAG, meaning it has minor scratches) But when I checked the site it was already sold! Aigoo~~

It’s kinda hard to find a nice satchel here in the Philippines, I know there are online sellers and makers but I personally like to feel and inspect the actual product (with my magnifying vision that can see flaws XD), the only shops I know that sells satchels here are SM Department Store (Parisian, small satchels which are pretty cheap but the material was not that good and the buckles kinda were sharp @.@), Penshoppe (for now they have cute two tone satchels :» small and not for school~), Apple & Eve (too small for my taste too~ a satchel there costs 1000+ pesos), Folded&Hung (all their 15 inches satchels were already sold @.@ so none left for me :«<), Steve Madden (the price for a small satchel was around 4000 pesos~ for me I can’t afford it and it would not fit the requirements of a school bag, a party bag perhaps XD) and last is Cole Vintage! <3 My savior!!!

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Z Z Z z z z&#8230;. How much sleep do we really need??? Yahoo&#8217;s article is really informative~ (click Sandara to read the full article ;) ) off to bed now #,#

Erika&#8217;s Weather Forecast: achenDANCE tomorrow! Show support to ID!! &lt;33 :D

Z Z Z z z z…. How much sleep do we really need??? Yahoo’s article is really informative~ (click Sandara to read the full article ;) ) off to bed now #,#

Erika’s Weather Forecast: achenDANCE tomorrow! Show support to ID!! <33 :D

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Saizen: Things to spruce up my room!~

Konnichiwa!!! Saizen is definitely a great place to hang out! You could see everything that the Japanese could create to make life “easier”?!~ Innovations too XD During my recent trip there I got to take a nice big wooden photo frame, magazine storage bag, and Royal Milk Tea!~ (the white photo frame was from Robinson’s department store :D)

And what photo did I attach on the photo frame? Dara’s photo of course~ kekeke XD Serves as an inspiration when doing eye make because I placed the photo frame on my vanity :> 

Print out~ :) Kodak photo paper is awesome for printing photos at home!

Edgy and clean! <3 This is by far my favorite eye makeup!!! <3

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Wazzup we 2NE1~ kekeke. 2NE1, being my bias, has caught my attention because of their swagger and uniqueness! And that includes their eye makeup!


So I’ll be showing how to do Dara, Minzy, Bom and CL eyemakes! Nolza!


What you’ll need: Black Gel Liner, Crystal Cream Eyeshadow Stick and Black Shadow

Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner Black, Etude House Ms. Tangerine Gradation Eyes and Tony Moly Crystal Stick Eye Shadow Cream


Tools needed: Angled Shadow Brush and A Fine Tip Eyeliner Brush

Etude House Eyebrow Brush, Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner Brush

A. First up, the very beautiful and youthful Dara Park. She is known for her adorably funny personality, which really shines and makes her a gazillion times prettier!


She looks beautiful whether or not she has makeup on. She looks stunning either way. The eye makeup that suits her best is a thin winged eyeline makeup!


  1. Make  a thin eye line using a gel liner on upper eye line.
  2. Apply gel liner on the outer part (1/4) of the bottom eye line making a gap.
  3. Now with the basis for a wing extend the bottom eye line makeup upwards.
  4. Fill in the gap with a shimmery cream eye shadow.


Done! You now have a fierce feminine eye make just like Dara’s!

B. Full of talent and swag, this maknae is considered one of the best dancers in the KPOP world! Gong Minzy often exudes a sexy vibe!


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Let’s Recycle!~

Who here keeps cute boxes of products?? :) If you are like me who can’t help but keep the boxes then you could create an easy wall deco for your vanity :>

You’ll need some magic tape to stick your cut outs to your wall :D Why magic tape??? So that the paint won’t peel off in case you want to take them down :)

Big and small scissors :D It’s good if you have small scissors so that you could cut out tight corners :)

Most of my boxes came from Etude House :D kekeke such nice packaging :> Also cut out the strips of illustration on the boxes for easy tips on how to apply makeup! :D

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Now Open: Etude House Boutique at Robinson’s Metro East!!!~

YESSSSSS!!!!” That was the first word that I thought of when I read the “upcoming stores" list on Princess Talk! My Home town mall! XD ~,~ Now, Etude House is just a tricycle ride away :>

So before going home~ Princess Abee, who is an Etude House addict too ;), and I went to see the new store! <3

I love the size :> I miss the small Etude House at SM Mega XD Am I weird??? :)) There is something about small boutiques that makes them more appealing to me :> Oh the very nice SA who took photos for us :> Kamsa hamnida! She recognized me :D she was an SA at SM Masinag, where all the nicest SAs are :D, & now she’s stationed at Rob :> So very nice :D

Here’s a mini story :)

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The Hallyu Wave has definitely reached many parts of Asia! The wave is a mixture of K-Pop, K-drama & movie, Korean food and of course, the thing that makes Korean celebs beautiful- Korean cosmetics! Currently, Korean cosmetic brands have become an important part of a girl’s (and guy’s) collection of beauty essentials so here’s a list of some brands that already have made or are still making a mark in the international community. These are brands are available in my country, the Philippines and in other parts of Asia/Southeast Asia as well.

Fancy yourself some Korean Cosmetic goodies and instantly feel SeOul beautiful! kekeke~

1. Beauty Credit or Somang 소망화장품

It’s a very nice brand which is sadly not as popular as the others. It’s being endorsed by the lovable and youthful 구혜선 Ku Hye Sun, best known as Boy’s Over Flower’s Geum Jandi! The items are beautifully packed and they look really classy and cute at the same time. Adorable rocking horse as an emblem! The prices are very affordable and reasonable.

2. Etude House 에뛰드 하우스

I’m sure most of you guys know the next brand, considering that they received 106,000+ likes (and counting) on Facebook! I think that Etude House’s Philippine fan page has the most number of likes amongst all the Etude House fan pages all over the world! It’s a pink playhouse fit for a girly girl princess, afterall.

Welcome to Etude House!

Their interiors are filled with pink goodness! Yup, they managed to place a chandelier in a small space. ^^ What I love most about Etude House is that they value their costumers dearly! They’ll treat you like royalties by calling you “Princess” or “Prince” whenever you’d enter the shop! They would also assist you and they are very welcoming. Their products are the girliest ones out there in the market, which is just one reason why I’m a big fan! Their cuteness appeal is overwhelming for those who will enter the shop the first time. I like that they have a specific audience and focuses on how to make that audience happy! Their girly appeal may not suit everybody but it sure draws a lot of attention.

They also change products really frequently, and I MEAN REALLY REALLY frequently… It’s both a bad and a good thing! Bad thing is that your favorite product might get phased out. Good thing is that you would always have something new to look forward to!

As for the price range, it’s quite affordable and you’ll be sure that the quality is great! Their BB creams are a must-try and you could start having a nail polish collection from their numerous color palette! I am a great fan of their brushes too!

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C.N.A 2nd visit! <3 

Say “Annyong haseyo” to my new Princess Pocket Galaxy! kekeke~ wondering why my phone is now a princess?? Cause it’s got a crown silly! :>

We went to Manila today :D A chance to visit C.N.A :) Ahhh they have a lot of new stuff since the last time I went there! *See C.N.A First Korean Fancey Shop in the Philippines! Cute spiked headbands, cds and phone charms :»>

Here’s what I got :D Oh my sister bought me super belated birthday gifts :)

L-R: Blackjack Necklace, Crown Earphone Cap/ Plug, Pencil chuchu hair accessory!

It’s so pretty :D The crown is so princessy :) They have a lot of other colors too! Like white, black, blue, violet!~

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