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Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X


Let me start by saying that… everybody should watch this!!!!! The quality is so very epic and your money will really be worth every cent!!! <333 And this is coming from a new fan of Kenshin. Yes, I’ve watched Samurai X when I was younger but to be honest I can’t remember what happened in the Anime Series @.@ I just know that Kenshin is a samurai with an x scar #.# Oh super fans please don’t kill me with your katanas~ 

The movie, everything from the costumes, actors, props and scenes, are so AMAZINGLY DONE!!! That’s quality right there!!! AHHHHHH <3333
Let me give you my brief story of the movie ok?~
Kenshin Himura was such a killer in his younger days. He could assassinate anyone with his amazing sword slashing styles. But all that changed and he became the wandering samurai. He promised not to kill anyone and he even carried a unique sword that is not used for killing. Kaoru Kamiya is an instructor of this kendo school that his father opened in Tokyo. She swears and truly believes that a sword does not give death but rather life. Bambambam watch out for the enemy with the blue eyes!!! 


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Sailormoon’s Moon Tiara Action!~

This is what I was watching all summer :)) Sailormoon! Too bad ABS-CBN ended the series just awhile ago @,@ Which is the only reason why I wake up at 8 am XD


Ahhh awesome childhood memories about Sailormoon :> I remembered to have a Sailor Jupiter doll and a Sailor Mars action figure! Then we also had Sailormoon’s moon stick with the Silver Crystal, the one she uses for the Moon Healing Escalation

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MeToday: TagCom 2012

Annyong haseyo everybody! I just got home from a very tiring day at Ermita Manila :) Kekeke~ While we were at Robinson’s there was an event! TagCom 2012!

Tons and tons of anime fanatics and stalls!~ There were a lot of toys and collectibles too!

While going through the stores, my 2ne1-sense was thingling XD and I saw this! Tiny miniature Kpop Idol phone charms!!! :> so cute!!! 2ne1, SNSD, SUJU and Big Bang!!! :D

Girls’ Generation charms :)

2ne1!!!!! <3 so cute!!! <3 But…

I wanted Minzy!!!!~ Who bought Minzy??! Bom reminds me of the PPG :> CL so cool with shades, Dara with the Palm Tree hairstyle!

Beanies!!! :D These were on sale! 180 pesos each :D so cute!!!!! They have Rilakumma, Hello Kitty, Domo, Pandas, and Kpop Beanies (Shinee, SNSD, SUJU, 2PM, and 2ne1)

Me wearing my bias ;D kekeke~

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