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Travel Diaries: Baler 2014.


DAY 1:

Baler has always been a yearly vacation destination of our family since forever. A year wouldn’t feel complete without visiting that special paradise. So before summer ended my family and I traveled back to our province.


We traveled by car and left our home at around 1pm. The ride was faster compared to before thanks to new shortcuts, highways and less mountains. We arrived at around 6pm in the evening.

We were hungry and was supposed to eat at Gerry Shan’s Place but it was full of tourists so instead we ate at Trenchers. It was listed as one of the ‘Pinaka' Yummy Restaurants in Baler by GMA7 but the food was average like the food in CASAA hohoho. We were warned by our relatives though hahaha but we still ate there because of hunger. I did enjoy my Bicol Express.


DAY 2:

We slept at our father’s friend’s house. Only transient homes were available, all the beach hotels and resorts were fully booked! OMO tourists (-.-*)


We ate breakfast and drove our way to the Mother Falls <3 I LOVE trekking. The adventure and challenge of passing rivers and climbing rocks excites me!


The place is breathtakingly beautiful.


And these are shots taken straight from my iPhone! <3


Fresh Buko! I love its abundance there! I gulped one before we trekked up and gulped another one after the hike.


So scenic! I hope that we could preserve this beauty.


I was slightly disappointed when I saw these bamboo bridges.


I remember having to form a human bridge just to get pass the river. Now there are bamboo bridges, where’s the fun in that? hoho


A few more steps and climbs we reached the Mother Falls. It was a bit crowded. The last time I went there no one would dare swim by the waterfalls. Now everybody’s hanging out there haha. I hear that the locals are sad with their local spots being too crowded by tourists.


Ditumabo Falls is more commonly known as Mother Falls.


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Holy Week at Baler 2012

I super duper infinitely love Baler <3 No summer would be complete without going there! OMO~ I don’t mind if my skin would get darker for as long as I would get to enjoy the beach :)

Last Holy Week my family & my relatives went up north to go get some fun in the sun ;) Baler, Aurora is about 9 hours away from Manila~ You’d go through 2 mountains before reaching the beautiful province :D The drive is totally worth it!

Here are some photos :) Things you could do in Baler~

Play Frisbee! :D

Just make sure you won’t hit anybody ;))

Ride the waves :) Go with the flow! This is what sets the Sabang Beach apart from other beaches I’ve been to :D The waves are so fun to go against :)) Splash splash!

Go surfing! :) <3

We have always been to Baler even when I was a little girl~ Last Holy Week, the amount of people was surprising! I have never seen so many people at Sabang Beach! Baler is getting known now…

Walking on the waves :))

Photo bombing :)) Surf style :)))

My cousin said, ‘May artista!! Was curious to see who was the artisit~’ It’s Jason Abalos :) He was kind enough to take pictures with us :D My mom, aunties and cousins :)

Henna Tattoo! :D I was supposed to ask for sakura blossoms tattoo but I wanted a more original idea XD Interior Design Student who loves Chandeliers :)) I drew a chandelier on a scratch paper and the artist copied it! Awesome :)

Our henna tattoos :) Mine was the cheapest! Henna Tattoos start at P 50.00 :D

If you want a different scenery~ Be adventurous and go to the Mother Falls! :)

You’ll need teamwork to reach the falls! We had to make human bridges so that we could cross the river!!

Kids could come too! Just make sure there are adults who are strong enough to withstand the current :) While we were climbing the rocks we even encountered a pregnant woman and she said she managed :)

Mother Falls! :) It was energizing to look at! The cold water that would splash on your face would awaken you from the tiring climb! :) You could swim towards the falls :D The water is freezing cold though!

Hair flip! :)) I wish I had goggles with me! There was a part where it was very deep! I wondered what it looked like to swim down there!~

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