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EEEPPPPP!!!! In less than a month, Catching Fire will be released <3 OMO <33333 My fan girl heart is super excited! And being a makeup fan and all, seeing that my two loves get fused together is like <3333 SO HAPPY WITH THIS COLLABORATION!


The Capitol Beauty Studio is a fun site to visit especially to makeup and Hunger Games fans <3 The looks are really suited for the Capitol and I don’t get why so many are bashing it -.- They seem to not get that the looks are very dramatic to fit the theme~ *ahem~ Capitol~* I think Dotti, the makeup artist, did a fantastic job! She really brought out a creative twist to each distinct district! (All 12 of them!)


Introducing, the 12 Districts of Panem, with 12 distinct looks and 1 exquisite collection by COVERGIRL.


District 1 {Luxury} “I was inspired by the idea of luxury, opulence-rich sumptuous color on the lips and nails." -Dotti, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist.


Love the bold and deep red colors she used! And I love the color gold!


Her nail color is also so eye-catchingly hot!


District 2 {Masonry} “I went for a matte, chalky, yet elegant finish that represents the stone of masonry in a feminine way." -Dotti, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist.


Stones are cold and hard, but the touches of red made this look warm and just right!~


Pretty pretty polish! <3


District 3 {Technology} “I wanted to embrace the innovations of the digital, tech space while maintaining femininity with a bit of edge.” -Dotti, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist.


Because of the head piece, it reminds me of swimming~~~


Disregarding the head piece, that makes me think she belongs to District 4 instead of 3, her nails made up for it ^-^ so nice!!!! Bling it on!


District 4 {Fishing} “I was inspired by the iridescence of the sea:fish scales, ocean plants, the endless shades of blues and greens." -Dotti, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist.


One of my favorite looks from the Districts come from this district! The whole look is so avant-garde and enchanting!




District 5 {Power} “Power has many meanings: Strong. In your face. Bold." -Dotti, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist.


*play song* I’ve got the power! The colorful lines made this look an electrifying one!


Nails ^-^ so nice!!!!!


District 6 {Transportation} “This look is racy. Slick, fast and elegant." -Dotti, COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist.


The makeup artist played with shades of purple in creating the look. And that deep lip color is just so nice~


Nails with gold lines ^-^

We are half way through!~ And it just gets better and better!


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Revlon: COLORBURST Lip Butter 025 Peach Parfait!~


My sister is the one who introduced me to Etude House years ago!~ and just recently… she introduced me to a new love!~ She raved about it to me continuously!!! XD She wears it at home, she wears it when we go out, here, there and everywhere! She truly loved it!


And I’m talking about Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butters!!!!! <333 Ahhh these are creations of nice people who knew that some girls (those girls who are not comfortable wearing lipsticks yet :)) like me >,<) would love a moisturizing and color giving lip product!


My sister owns the first two~ from the left Berry Smoothie and Candy Apple :D and mine’s on the right~ Peach Parfait!


Berry Smoothie this one has slight silver shimmers~ It’s my sister’s My Lips But Better lip butter :) It’s a nice berry color that is totally wearable everyday!


This Candy Apple one is the one worn by Emma Stone~ which is one of the reasons why my sister bought it (She loves Revlon cause she loves Emma Stone :))) XD)


I really like how it looks on my sister’s pale fair skin! It really pops!!! Red that is vibrant which makes her younger ;)

*hey sistah if you’re reading this <333 :))


And because I’m not yet that comfortable wearing any lip color that is not close to my lip shade for everyday~ I chose one that is near mine! It’s a love at first swatch kind of thing :)


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28 notes & Song Hye Kyo’s Egg Beauty Secret!~

Remember the scenes were Geum Jandi (Boys Over Flowers) was surrounded by school bullies? She got fresh eggs and flour thrown at her!

Oh!~ And Kim Nana (City Hunter) was also a victim! Is it really a famous form of bullying?

Eggs and flour!~ Ahh I bet it hurts too @.@

Strong females getting hit by eggs! Aigoo bullying should be stopped!

Don’t be sad Geum Jandi, there are benefits from the attack! (Aside from getting cared for by handsome leading men~ kekeke)

Stunning and forever beautiful Song Hye Kyo reveals her beauty secret – Do-It-Yourself recipes using eggs, honey and milk! The eggs helps her keep her skin white, the added honey to brighten her complexion more and the milk ingredient makes her face soft and smooth!

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 1:
Egg White + Honey, Mix the egg white with a spoonful of honey. Apply to face and let it dry. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse off! She uses this mask before bedtime, interval of 2 weeks. It keeps her skin white!

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 2:
Honey + Water, Dilute honey with water and massage onto face. Rinse afterwards. Good to reduce fine lines and the honey makes skin brighter! Also uses this before bedtime with the same interval of 2 weeks.

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 3:
Milk Wash, So fancy! She uses milk to wash her face and make her skin softer and smoother!

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 4:
Ice Cube, Freezing! She uses ice cubes to make her skin firm and tight! So it looks that her face is slimmer~ (But be careful with long exposure because ice could also burn skin!)

- Source:

And this particular post will be about a very simple DIY egg mask! You’ll need an empty plastic bottle (clean), a bowl, egg and a mask brush!

Get an egg and crack it open! (No hitting friends with the egg to crack it open ok?!)

But for the mask you’ll only need the egg white! Here’s an easy mess free technique to separate the white from the yolk, which my brother taught me… Suction using the bottle! Place the hole of the bottle over the egg yolk then squeeze the bottle. You’ll see the yolk rising up! Suction complete!

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TONY MOLY: Berry Trendy Hair Bleach & My Ombre Hair!~

Annyong haseyo!!!~ :D Sometimes a girl just wants a change in hairstyle! May it be a hair cut or a new hair color! Something different is good :) But since I was growing out my hair (for graduation XD :))))) preparing early XD) I chose to have a new style! And it’s the famous ombre hair!

Some K-idols sporting the hair style :) So what does ombre mean?~

French word that means having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark. - Merriam Webster

I thought that the style is achieved by having a light hair color then have your black hair (original hair color) grow out and tadaa!! Ombre hair :))) But having ombre hair done intentionally looks really different! :D The change is quite dramatic too! Combine black with blonde hair color #,# Was afraid at first but hey you only live once :))

This Berry Trendy Hair Bleach could lighten~ bleach hair color and has different intensities depending on how long you leave it on! Mission! BLONDE!!!

Good thing that they indicated the Ingredients in English :D :)

Other than the ingredients listing that is in English, everything else was in Korean @,@

Tear this side to reveal the directions…

That are in Hangul! Not helpful @,@ There are no photos either ~,~ Hope that Tony Moly includes English instructions on their next batches :) or at least place photos!

Upon opening the box there would be 2 big sachets: Hair Bleach Lotion and the Hair Bleach Powder.

The mixing ratio is 3:1~ Mix 10g of Powder with 30ml Lotion!

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Z Z Z z z z&#8230;. How much sleep do we really need??? Yahoo&#8217;s article is really informative~ (click Sandara to read the full article ;) ) off to bed now #,#

Erika&#8217;s Weather Forecast: achenDANCE tomorrow! Show support to ID!! &lt;33 :D

Z Z Z z z z…. How much sleep do we really need??? Yahoo’s article is really informative~ (click Sandara to read the full article ;) ) off to bed now #,#

Erika’s Weather Forecast: achenDANCE tomorrow! Show support to ID!! <33 :D

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Saizen: Things to spruce up my room!~

Konnichiwa!!! Saizen is definitely a great place to hang out! You could see everything that the Japanese could create to make life “easier”?!~ Innovations too XD During my recent trip there I got to take a nice big wooden photo frame, magazine storage bag, and Royal Milk Tea!~ (the white photo frame was from Robinson’s department store :D)

And what photo did I attach on the photo frame? Dara’s photo of course~ kekeke XD Serves as an inspiration when doing eye make because I placed the photo frame on my vanity :> 

Print out~ :) Kodak photo paper is awesome for printing photos at home!

Edgy and clean! <3 This is by far my favorite eye makeup!!! <3

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MeToday: Independence Day!~

MABUHAY ang PILIPINAS!!! Happy Independence day everyone!!~ I enjoyed this day :) Another well rested XD ~>,<~ day for me before classes make me haggard again :))~

My family and I went to Timberland (at San Mateo Rizal) awhile ago to fetch my sister! OMO THE PLACE IS SO BEAUTIFUL <333 My 2megapixel camera phone could only capture so much :))

Overlooking the whole Marikina??? area :>

The structure <3 Who ever built and designed the structure is awesome!!!

The stairs reminded me of an episode of America’s Next Top Model XD

Dining area.

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Holy Week at Baler 2012

I super duper infinitely love Baler <3 No summer would be complete without going there! OMO~ I don’t mind if my skin would get darker for as long as I would get to enjoy the beach :)

Last Holy Week my family & my relatives went up north to go get some fun in the sun ;) Baler, Aurora is about 9 hours away from Manila~ You’d go through 2 mountains before reaching the beautiful province :D The drive is totally worth it!

Here are some photos :) Things you could do in Baler~

Play Frisbee! :D

Just make sure you won’t hit anybody ;))

Ride the waves :) Go with the flow! This is what sets the Sabang Beach apart from other beaches I’ve been to :D The waves are so fun to go against :)) Splash splash!

Go surfing! :) <3

We have always been to Baler even when I was a little girl~ Last Holy Week, the amount of people was surprising! I have never seen so many people at Sabang Beach! Baler is getting known now…

Walking on the waves :))

Photo bombing :)) Surf style :)))

My cousin said, ‘May artista!! Was curious to see who was the artisit~’ It’s Jason Abalos :) He was kind enough to take pictures with us :D My mom, aunties and cousins :)

Henna Tattoo! :D I was supposed to ask for sakura blossoms tattoo but I wanted a more original idea XD Interior Design Student who loves Chandeliers :)) I drew a chandelier on a scratch paper and the artist copied it! Awesome :)

Our henna tattoos :) Mine was the cheapest! Henna Tattoos start at P 50.00 :D

If you want a different scenery~ Be adventurous and go to the Mother Falls! :)

You’ll need teamwork to reach the falls! We had to make human bridges so that we could cross the river!!

Kids could come too! Just make sure there are adults who are strong enough to withstand the current :) While we were climbing the rocks we even encountered a pregnant woman and she said she managed :)

Mother Falls! :) It was energizing to look at! The cold water that would splash on your face would awaken you from the tiring climb! :) You could swim towards the falls :D The water is freezing cold though!

Hair flip! :)) I wish I had goggles with me! There was a part where it was very deep! I wondered what it looked like to swim down there!~

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Jung Saem Mool is my favorite makeup artist! (She does the make up of the prettiest girl in Korea~ Kim Tae Hee! :> and a lot of other famous Korean Celebrities!) She does make~up as if she is painting! <3

Check out how she did the make~up of Park Min Young’s character in City Hunter: Kim Nana! AWESOME :D

Erika’s Weather Forecast: Taiwanese Green Tea Jelly <3

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I wonder when will Etude House&#8217;s Skin Mal:gem arrive here~ Dara is so pretty, quirky and unique! She is such an AWESOME endorser!~ Makes me want to buy anything she&#8217;ll be promoting :)) (P.S. she and the other 2ne1 members are here in the country!!! @.@ Albay folks sure are lucky) 
The Skin Mal:gem! Has different variants to suit different skin types! Dara uh-nee is holding the Smoother variant :&gt;
Erika&#8217;s Weather Forecast: The product is inside a HUGE bottle! &lt;3 I wish it&#8217;s not too expensive ;D

I wonder when will Etude House’s Skin Mal:gem arrive here~ Dara is so pretty, quirky and unique! She is such an AWESOME endorser!~ Makes me want to buy anything she’ll be promoting :)) (P.S. she and the other 2ne1 members are here in the country!!! @.@ Albay folks sure are lucky) 

The Skin Mal:gem! Has different variants to suit different skin types! Dara uh-nee is holding the Smoother variant :>

Erika’s Weather Forecast: The product is inside a HUGE bottle! <3 I wish it’s not too expensive ;D

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Faces in Korea!~ I think they are ageless! I’ve always admired how beautiful Korean actresses are :> And to tell you the truth I had a rough time choosing the top five, some of my other choices were Son Ye Jin, Nam Gyu Ri and Park Shin Hye. But if I had to choose only five, these ladies are the absolute stunners~ <3

In number five, I chose Ku Hye Sun also known as the feisty fighting Geum Jandi in the ultimate hit Kdrama series Boys Over Flowers! She has it all~ She sings, acts, direct, paint and so much more <3 She is also one of those with milky white skin~

Fourth from my list is Shin Min Ah. Miho!!~ From the very fun Kdrama series My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. She is very beautiful no matter what angle!

Third is my ever favorite Song Hye Kyo, she is the first Kdrama actress I knew because of Full House~ <3 I really liked her character there! She was an endorser of many many korean makeup brands!~ From Etude House and now Aritaum.

Eh eh eh eh eh number 2 from my list is Dara Park/Philippine’s Krung krung <3 She can be cute to beautiful in an instant! I think Etude really made the best choice in choosing Dara Goddess to be their endorser! She has been known to have porcelain skin! She is a real beauty and Bobbi Brown even noticed it too ;) Dara hwaiting! 

Ultimate Korean Beauty for me is …Kim Tae Hee!!! She is also the oldest from the group, can you believe that she is already 30++? I’ve only watched her from My Princess and the character really suited her~ She was also  noticed by Bobbi Brown ‘she looks like she’s 16’.

Erika’s Weather Forecast: Who are your top five?~

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