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Canmake Tokyo by SOMERA.


Konbanwa! Almost a week ago, my sister, cousin, friend and I went  a whole day experiencing “Cool Japan" hihihi I remember this exact term when I got interviewed for Nikkei Inc Japan. It’s like “Hallyu Wave” only less Korean and more Japanese!


I’ve been seeing blogs and instagram posts about Canmake being here in Manila but was too afraid to look for it cause it’s only available somewhere in Makati, Ortigas and online. I do wish that they’d contact Watsons or Department stores for accessibility. Lucky for me, my great awesome friend Abee has already been in their boutique in Makati :>


First reaction… OMOOOOO CUTENESS OVERLOAD *kekeke hi sister* Their window display~ Sakura + Pink + Makeup!!! All my faves combined (^-^)/ woo woo woooo!!!!


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Kiss Me Ferme: Brightening Cheek Color 02 Soft Pink.


Konnichiwa! Today’s review is something from the land of the rising sun~ A Japanese blush that is oh so cute and compact!


This was a present from my auntie in Japan, arigatou gozaimasu! kekeke~ she knows how girly and makeup crazy I am <3 (~,o)/


Kiss Me Ferme Brightening Cheek Color in 02 Soft Pink


Emphasizes the contours of the face for the elegance of your cheeks. Contains the moisturizing ingredient : extract daisies. Odorless. 


The packaging is simple and compact which definitely makes it travel friendly. The color is so pretty and subtle! <3


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TONY MOLY: Cristal Blusher 03 Pleasure Peach!~


Annyeong haseyo! What a bright and cold weather we are having! <3 Omo I wish everyday was like this! Today’s review is also something to brighten up your mood and lift our sleepy faces! :> kekeke~ It’s Tony Moly’s Cristal Blusher 03 Pleasure Peach! I got this last Christmas <3 ~Last Christmas they gave me a blush~ and the very next day~ aigoo :))) Kamsa hamnida!!!


It’s packaged so simply and beautifully <3 It was encased in a clear plastic packaging <3 Though the spelling of cristal is off~ or maybe, just maybe, they intended to spell it like that!~


Sleek just like Tony Moly! I just hope that they include a small mirror (^-^)


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Etude House: Lovely Cookie Blusher! 1 Carrot Cheesecake please!~

Annyong haseyo! I’m doing the best I can so that I could review as much products as possible!!! Before a hectic semester starts again XD :)) I’m quite livened because I finished enrolling today~~ woot woot! For those who aren’t~ Keep faith!  Anyhoo~ Today’s super cute bow loving review will be about another product that was included in Etude House’s June 2012 Press Kit! :D It’s their NEW Lovely Cookie Blusher!

Aside from the added 20 pesos (328 pesos for the old one with a box included, well I think it’s a little environment friendly step from Etude House to not box this new one :D I approve!) of this NEW Lovely Cookie Blusher they also had a Color Renewal! Meaning they had new colors for us Royalties to enjoy :)

Liven Cheeks with Dessert Goodness! Inspired by the yummy pink desserts that are served to Princesses~ kekeke XD 

  1. Strawberry Mousse  : Matte Light Pink
  2. Strawberry Chou  : Matte Berry Pink
  3. Raspberry Tart : Pearl-Infused Hot Pink
  4. Carrot Cheesecake : Orange with Gold & Silver Pearl Highlights
  5. Apricot Pudding : Matte Apricot Tone
  6. Grapefruit Jelly : Matte Coral Pink
  7. Rose Sugar Macaron  : Rosy Pink with Gold Pearl Highlights 

Baby Cheek Pressed Powder Blush with Soft Puff Applicator.  Pressed powder blush comes in matte and pearl-infused natural tones for long lasting, lovely cheek expression. 

What they sent me is the~ tantararaaan! Carrot Cheesecake : Orange with Gold & Silver Pearl Highlights!

For me it actually looks like a French macaroon!!! :D It’s size is pretty petite too!

Plop it open! Charan! Reveals the lovely blusher! SO KAWAII!!!! <333

I really love how they stamp their logo on everything! Their logo is just so Princess-like!!!

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8 notes & SAVE or SPLURGE?!!

Products products products! And your wallet screams too! Well if you could afford to always splurge then good for you. However, there are certain items that you could save in so that you could splurge on other items! I made a checklist of things you could SPLURGE on and SAVE in

BB Creams: SPLURGE. Well there are cheap bb creams out there that works but if you would want all the amazing benefits like anti-aging, whitening, skin firming and other miraculous stuff then you would have to splurge a little more.

Blush-ons: SPLURGE. A good blush will not cake on your face and it will provide you a rosy glow rather than a clown-y glow. A blush also has one of the longest life spans in the makeup family so you could have it for a long time.

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Careline: Oil Control Blush-On

Mabuhay! :) I told you guys that I’d be reviewing Philippine brands every now and then. Proudly Pinoy!~ So today’s product review is about a Philippine Brand :D Careline was one of the first makeup brands that I knew way back when I was still in highschool~

Careline Oil Control Blush~on

Enriched with Vitamin E

Now Careline Single Blush~On is made better for a more Prettilicious you!  Have a natural looking blush without the danger of oily skin ruining your day. With its oil control and Vitamin E enriched formula, you remain oil free all day long without over drying your sensitive skin. You stay moisturized without the grease all the time!

Beauty Tip: Smile when applying Blush On it’s easier to find your cheekbones! Plus it’s also the fastest way to feel Prettilicious!

Careline is targeted for young teens and those who are still starting to try on makeup :) From it’s packaging it obviously won’t look appealing to the eyes of those who want elaborate designs on their compacts! But don’t let the packaging fool you, the product I could say gets an 8 out of 10!

They have 8 different shades (if I remembered correctly) and this one was on the borderline of pink and red :>

The puff included was really cute and tiny! Apply lightly for a subtle look. And just add more depending on your desired intensity.

This is how I like to put on blush-on! ~(>,<)~

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