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MeToday: TagCom 2012

Annyong haseyo everybody! I just got home from a very tiring day at Ermita Manila :) Kekeke~ While we were at Robinson’s there was an event! TagCom 2012!

Tons and tons of anime fanatics and stalls!~ There were a lot of toys and collectibles too!

While going through the stores, my 2ne1-sense was thingling XD and I saw this! Tiny miniature Kpop Idol phone charms!!! :> so cute!!! 2ne1, SNSD, SUJU and Big Bang!!! :D

Girls’ Generation charms :)

2ne1!!!!! <3 so cute!!! <3 But…

I wanted Minzy!!!!~ Who bought Minzy??! Bom reminds me of the PPG :> CL so cool with shades, Dara with the Palm Tree hairstyle!

Beanies!!! :D These were on sale! 180 pesos each :D so cute!!!!! They have Rilakumma, Hello Kitty, Domo, Pandas, and Kpop Beanies (Shinee, SNSD, SUJU, 2PM, and 2ne1)

Me wearing my bias ;D kekeke~

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