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2ne1 I Am The BEST!~ Minzy Nails!

If you haven’t heard 2ne1’s new hit song I Am The Best then you’ve better go on Youtube and check it out!~ :) The MV is super edgy and of course 2ne1’s fashion is never something boring! :) What caught my attention was Minzy’s nail polish :> kekeke my idol is sporting a cool interchanging polish and I’m here to give you a nail tutorial using local brand polishes!~

So pretty right? :> Gong Minji Fighting! :D

Let’s get started shall we? :D

I used Bobbie Nail polishes :) Glazed I DO and Regular VAMP :> These are only like 30 pesos per bottle! :D

Naega jeil jal naga! ;) Trying to copy Minzy’s pose here! kekeke :D

So to start off, for the left hand apply VAMP red polish on the middle and pinky fingers :) then add I DO glazed polish on the thumb, pointer and ring fingers.

For the right hand apply VAMP only on the pointer finger and apply I DO glazed polish on the rest :)

ZOOM IN on the polishes!

I DO glazed is so pretty and elegant! :) Perfect to wear on fancy occasions!

VAMP regular is under the HOT collection! :)

And we are done!~ 

Erika’s Weather Forecast: Enjoy sporting Minzy’s Nails :)

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Gong Minzy: Exciting Color Smoky~

Few more days! A few more days! And I’m gonna see 2ne1 >.< Today’s Eyemake tutorial is Gong Minzy’s Exciting Color Smoky! :) waha  BTW Minji is my IDOL! <3 She’s my favorite 2ne1 member! 

Plus this makeup tutorial now includes guidelines :))~

Let’s start!~


LUCIDarling Fantastic Eyes Palette #7 Miss Tangerine (Etude House)

Apply a shimmery beige eyeshadow on lids and half way under your bottom lashes (These are the guidelines I’m talking about waha :)) )


Lasting Drama Black (Maybelline)

Using the gel liner, line your upper and lower lash line.

Add wings <3 From the center of your eye extend the wing up to where your brow ends :D 

Connect the wing to your double eyelid line.

Put gel liner on inner and outer corners of the eyelid or on the spaces enclosed above :) 

Eyemake should look like this ;D

STEP 3 Exciting Color Smoky!

Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil in Blue (Etude House)

Apply metallic blue eyeliner on the space :)

Tadaa! Eyes should look like this now… 


Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara, Eyelash Curler (both from Etude House)

Curl and apply mascara on upper lashes and lower lashes.


Erika’s Weather Forecast: Trying to look fierce :)) FAIL attempt XD 2ne1 hwaiting!  2ne1 WINS AGAIN! JJang!~

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