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Tony Moly: Honey-Bee Skin Solution Cream Mini Review!~

Annyong haseyo! :D :> Today’s rainy afternoon review would be all about Tony Moly’s Honey-Bee Skin Solution Cream! I got this as a freebie a few weeks back :)
The line is a rather new one from Tony Moly which claims to heal, treat and repair acne prone skin.
Moisturizing cream that regenerates pimple scars & cures infected pimples. Breakout care essence that contains bee-venom.
Bee venom:
  •  has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • has fast curing properties that heals the wounds after use
Breakout care from lack of hydration. Light moisturizing cream that cares breakout from the dryness of the skin.

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Tony Moly: Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Manuka Honey

Annyong haseyo! :D A BEEsy week ahead of us! kekeke and today’s review will be about Tony Moly’s Cottony Essence Sheet Mask in Manuka Honey!

Irritation-free sheet mask made of 100% Pure cotton locks essential hydration on face that lasts long.

Invigorating Manuka Honey- Honey extract moisturizes

Goddess Style!~ Maybe this is called goddess style because it can cover up the whole face~~ now including the… tantararan!!! EYES!!! <3

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