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Yakson House: Korean Skincare Esthetic Salon~

Annyong haseyo!!! I’m going to share to you about my wonderful trip to Yakson House! (+ my adventure around Makati kekeke~)

I was privileged to have a free treatment/program to experience Yakson House! I was so delighted when Yakson House Korea emailed me asking if I could try out their program for free! Who wouldn’t want pampering? :D

I scheduled my trip last Monday :) February 6, 2012. My sister couldn’t come with me because she had class and it was the only day I was free (and it’s the last day for the free program!) Courageously decided to search Makati for Yakson House! I seldom go to Makati because it’s just so far!!! 

My mini instructions on how to get there! I kept this in my pocket while traveling XD I googled the location and then drew maps :)) I thought I would get lost XD So I took note of the big landmarks like SM Makati, Glorietta and Greenbelt!

I think I asked 10 security guards during this trip :)) I preferred to walk because that way I can check out the streets and ask people :D Then I saw the sign C. Palanca!!! The building looked familiar! (thank you google maps!!!)

OMO It’s the Perla Mansion!!! <3

Right beside the street at the lower level of the building was Yakson House! It just took me 10~15 minutes to walk from MRT Ayala Station to the building :D so when Ms. Tina saw me she said I was too early XD, I allotted 2 hours for me to get lost! kekeke 

Stickered on the glass were their programs like Cheek bone squared jaw, Unequal Face Care, Face Reduction Care, Pelvis Care and Curved Legs Care. There are many more programs which I’m going to discuss further! Later~ ;)

So what is Yakson Myunga? 

The YaksonMyunga holds the key to a beautiful facial shape. The YaksonMyunga special bone therapy can reduce the size of anyone’s face without resorting to plastic surgery. YaksonMyunga since 1979 beauty made. Be the goddess of beauty and bloom like a flower- Esthetic Salon.

This is Chairman Lee Byung Chul he’s the one responsible for the creation of Yakson Houses bone therapy procedure! :D Oh and it’s really famous in Japan! The Golgi Therapy Craze as they would like to call it! 

They have 22 Programs all in all that deals with the shape of face and body, weight and skin care problem. 

They use skills and techniques based on Korean traditional Golgi therapy.

Face shape changes! Big to small without any plastic surgery!

Skin Care Program FACE:

1. Unequal Face Care (2 hours~ 2 hours 30 minutes)

2. Face Reduction Care (1 hour 30 mins~ 2 hours)

  You don’t have only such a beautiful small face, but also a well-balanced figure and an elastic skin as we offer the face care including the back and the abdomen care. In addition, we give the treatment to make ear, mouth, nose and eyes beautiful to and to make your head small like ball.

Method: Backbone, Back Care or Rib, Belly Care + Face Reduction Care + Facial Skin Care + Facial Mask Pack + Final Care

Amount: P 45,000 for 16 visits, P 3,600 for 1 visit

3. After-plastic surgery Care (1 hour 30 mins~ 2 hours)

Skin Care Program BODY:

4. Body-line care (1 hr 30 mins~ 2 hrs)

5. Pelvis Care (1 hr)

6. Arms Care (30 mins~ 1 hr)

7. Uterus Care (1 hr~ 1 hr 30 mins)

Skin Care Program BODY TYPE:

8. Belly Muscle Care (1 hr~ 1 hr 30 mins)

9. Curved Legs Care (1 hr)

10. Back Care (30 mins~ 1hr)

11. Body Weight Care (1hr 30 mins~ 2 hrs)

12. Breast Care (1 hr)

13. Gold Care (1 hr)

Skin Care Program SPECIAL:

A. Postpartum Care

B. Bride Care

C. Special Skin Care

D. Body Golgi Care

*If you are interested on the Descriptions, Methods and the Prices you can TA me :D

The Healing House is key to being in good shape. The Special Bone Therapy of Healing House for Face Slimming without Plastic Surgery.

I like that they set the time it will take for the program to be finished! I actually could not choose what program I would like to have so Director Kim suggested if I wanted the Face Reduction care~ She warned me that it might be painful :))

Skull as decoration! kekeke~

The interior looks like those in Korean Dramas :D Light colors and pretty wall designs :)

The couch was so comfy! kekeke~ 

Oh the mood there was relaxing and feels so light!

The flooring was made of vinyl!~ Swatch!

Footprints leading to the pretty room~

So pretty!!! <3 everything looks so pretty! <3 Combination of green and pink works so well!!! I am just a bit disappointed with their concept of privacy~ Only the green curtains serve as walls to separate you to the other clients ~.~ While I was entering the room someone was already having their therapy @.@

I wonder where they get their wall paper?!? I love it!

They gave this wide white and pink basket to place all your things :)

They would ask you to change into this! :)

The bed where I had my therapy :) It made me lie down with my back straight! (Maybe it’s an orthopedic bed?)

I received the Backbone, Back care , Rib care first! It was different from the massages I usually get~ They gradually placed pressure~ It was relaxing but I doubt that you would fall asleep because it was a little, a LITTLE, bit painful but you can endure it! After the backbone care I noticed that my posture was better! It was a pleasant pain! :D

After that the Facial Skin Care, they placed so much products on me! I couldn’t keep track on how many those were! :)

Then the Face Reduction Care!  Director Kim was the one to do the Face Reduction Care~ She even brushed my hair (felt a little bit shy because I think she had a hard time XD)

My most favorite part was the Facial Mask Pack!!! It was full mask my eyes and lips were covered too! (only my nose was left uncovered) it was a peel off mask :D

Lastly was the Final Care, left my face really smooth and moisturized!!! As you can see from the photo below :D


The treatment is good for blood circulation and makes face smaller after consecutive treatments~

* While the therapy was being done to me, I liked that they explained everything that they are about to do and everything that they are about to be placed 

After the therapy Director Kim asked me if it was ‘aray’ (painful) and I answered ‘no aray’ :) I was actually waiting for the painful part which they said was really painful but I did not feel any :)) My insensitive face XD

Here are the before and after photos of my face :)))

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