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MeToday: I see PINK.


Annyeong haseyo! Whenever I see that cutesy pink store… I always get drawn in :)) Even after all these years, that pink store keeps me coming back <3 My bias to pink and everything girly has a lot to do with it! Add to the fact that the SAs at Robinsons Metro East are the awesome~st!


I was about to purchase an Any Cushion but then they’ve run out of stocks </3 Speaking of cushions~ have you heard about the newest launch from Etude House?

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Etude House: Skin Mal:gem Emulsion All In One!


Annyeong haseyo! <3 Wanna be sweet? Mal:gem! I wanna be sweet~~~!! OMO Do you remember the Skin Mal:gem exercise song by Shinee? I still sing it up till now! (^-^)/ 


I think the jingle adds allure to this skin care line! <3 I’ve already made a review about their…

Yup the Skin Mal:gem craze! <3


Etude House Skin Mal:gem Emulsion All In One Moisturizing Emulsion.


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Happy Holidays 2013 Christmas Gifts from Etude House, Tony Moly & Tous Les Jours Philippines!~

Annyeong haseyo! Yesterday, Sibol Turnover,  was so tiring and fulfilling! Everything just went great :) And the very cherry sprinkles on top… When I arrived home and saw these goodies waiting for me <3 OMO KAMSA HAMNIDA!
Got a basket full of yummy baked goodies from Tous Les Jours Philippines <3 


A box of mini chiffon cakes <3


Cream Cheese Muffin. <3


Chocolate Chip Cookie. NOM NOM <3


Mini Castella. I JUST ATE THIS AND IT WAS YUMMY <3 <3 <3


Blueberry Muffin.


Strawberry Jam.


Brownie Mix. AWESOME <3 hihihihi I have always wanted to bake brownies </3 OMO RECEIVING FOOD is AWESOME!


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Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner!~


Annyeong haseyo!!! Does your face sometimes feel itchy? well maybe it is caused by DEMODEX! What is Demodex???~ You will soon find out…


So here comes the “Wonder Woman” of our pores! It claims to have anti pore-dex complex II! Which was the main reason why I wanted to try it! During a whole day, sometimes I do feel that my face gets itchy even though I haven’t touched it…


It’s been really popular both here in the Philippines and in Korea! It’s considered one of the best sellers in Etude House! And Key agrees!


Key really loves the Wonder Pore line! :D


Sulli’s the new “Wonder Pore” girl after Dara~ :D She is so cute!!!


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MeToday: A Sunday Stroll~

Annyeong haseyo!!! How did your day go? Well mine went really well :D :> My family and I went to Eastwood :> Went to mass and ate!!!!


My plate :))) We ate at Pho Hoa and it was so funny when the waiter handed my order :)))) I thought that it was an appetizer :))) THE SERVING IS SO SMALL @.@ The plate looks like a cover for a bigger bowl XD But the food is delicious~ Good thing I did not order the noodles cause it had WANSOY -_-


I also wore my new kitten heels to break them in~ kekeke but it seems like it was the one who broke me XD And it’s so weird that only my right foot got a bubu @.@ My left foot feels so fine even though I wore heels, but my right foot got blisters :)))))


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Etude House: Skin Malgeum Moist~~~!


After almost a year since it’s release, do you still wanna be sweet??? Malgeum! The weather is really cold these days and I’m loving it! :D So this toner, somehow, is weather appropriate! :>


If this is your first time hearing the word Mal:gem then the next words are for you :) Mal:gem or Malgeum is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.


Skin Malgeum are hypoallergenic toners created by Etude House to promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.


Watch Jonghyun sing about not letting moisture run dry! XD

Skin Malgeum Moist replenishes and retains moisture on a daily basis to help maintain a protective layer. The more you pat onto skin, the more moist it becomes so don’t forget to ‘tok tok tok’


More singing… by Shinee!!! omo~~ LSS XD


This big bottle of Skin Malgeum can be used in many ways :D As a regular toner, a mask (they say it can be used as a 30 second mask but 30 seconds sounds really funny XD) and spray on which is a lie!

WARNING: If you’re hoping that you could use the Skin Malgeum Spray Bottle with this particular variant then do not expect!!!! The consistency is thick so when sprayed the trajectory is just straight on! XD


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Etude House: Missing U Stay! Season 2~ Lady Bug ^^~

Missing U Stay! <33 Aigoo~ Don’t disappear~ After the success of Season 1 of the Missing U line up: uber cute Panda, Seal, Dolphin and Penguin~ Etude House released Season 2 which is about BEEing Happy :> Bees invaded the Etude House last December 2011 :)

Click the photo^ to watch the cute and sad story~

And yes, the cute handcreams were also endorsed by Shinee!~ ;D OMO! Our cellphone releases electromagnetic radiation that makes these bees dizzy~ they can’t find their way back home @.@

“Missing U, Bee Happy” consists of:

  • Hand Cream (4 Characters)- hypoallergenic formula and organic ingredients
  • Lip Care (4 Characters)- sweet fragrance and moisturizing honey
  • Facial Pack (2 Types, Overnight and Wash-Off)- honey texture, honey jar design and moisturizing honey

And here they are!~ The Missing U line up ;)

Hi~ I am Queen Bee! (Rose Fragrance)

I rule the worker bees, lay eggs and make royal jelly for the babies. The bee population is in decline and we need your help!

Hi~ I am Honey Bee! (Acacia Fragrance)

I work hard to serve the Queen and make honey for the hive. I play a vital role in reproduction of flowering plants by helping to spread pollen. Protect us, please. 

Hi~ I am Lady Bug! (Chestnut Blossom)

I can fly like my friends the bees and I protect crops from insect pests. My bee friends need protection from disease and pests.

Hi~ I am Baby Bee! (Citrus Baby Powder)

I can’t fly yet so I just hang out in the hive eating honey. But lately, more and more bees are disappearing and soon it will be hard for me to get my honey. Please help us. 

I got my Lady Bug friend when I won for having my photo taken at Etude House Robinson’s Metro East Branch! Kamsa hamnida for being so generous :>

The cute hexagonal box that houses my Lady Bug friend is filled with information! Every side had information written on it! Well done! Plus it was printed with Soy Ink~ ;D following its environmental efforts!~

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Etude House: Skin [magl:gem] Kit!~

I wanna be sweet!~ Malgeum!~ Annyong haseyo! Still in the Skin Malgeum craze XD 

So if you are still not aware about what Skin Malgeum is… Well it’s a Toner Line released early this year that provide clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas :D Also hypoallergenic, these toners are void of Paraben, Animal Ingredients, Benzophenone, Artificial Dyes and Mineral Oils.

I got this Skin [mal:gem] Kit from Noel :> when he won a ticket from me to go to the Etude House Playhouse! KAMSA HAMNIDA!! <333 He’s very sweet! Thank you! :D

Skin Malgeum is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness.

The Skin Malgeum Kit comes with the following :D

  • Exfoliation Toner- Smoother 15ml
  • Deep Moisture Freshener- Deep Moist 15ml
  • Facial Cotton Pads: Clear Cotton Pads (5pc)
  • Facial Cotton Pads: Soft Cotton Pads (3pc)

I hope they would be selling these mini kits in the stores like with what they did with the AC Clinic Line! That way we could personally have a test run on which Skin Malgeum would suit our skin best!

But for general knowledge the Skin Malgeum Smoother is for troubled skin while the Deep Moist is for those with very dry skin~

YEY!!~ I got to try the Skin Malgeum Cotton Pads :D Was curious but never curious enough to buy a whole box without trying (the cotton boxes were kinda expensive for me XD like 198 pesos for a few pieces #,#)

I’ve already made a review of the Skin Malgeum Smoother here so I would be focusing on how the Clear Cotton Pads + the Smoother variant fares~ :D

This cotton pad… CLEAR cotton pad is really interesting :> It has two sides!!

One side has this wave like pattern that will gently exfoliate skin~

And the other side is just a normal cotton pad side~ Plain and simple. This side is to be used on the sensitive parts of the face, like around the eyes~ ;D

Before and after! Both showing the “waves” side! After using it the waves disappeared! Even though there are waves, it did not feel like a harsh exfoliation~ Very gentle on the skin!!! The cotton pad is also made of high quality since the cotton did not tear apart :D

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Now Open: Etude House Boutique at Robinson’s Metro East!!!~

YESSSSSS!!!!” That was the first word that I thought of when I read the “upcoming stores" list on Princess Talk! My Home town mall! XD ~,~ Now, Etude House is just a tricycle ride away :>

So before going home~ Princess Abee, who is an Etude House addict too ;), and I went to see the new store! <3

I love the size :> I miss the small Etude House at SM Mega XD Am I weird??? :)) There is something about small boutiques that makes them more appealing to me :> Oh the very nice SA who took photos for us :> Kamsa hamnida! She recognized me :D she was an SA at SM Masinag, where all the nicest SAs are :D, & now she’s stationed at Rob :> So very nice :D

Here’s a mini story :)

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Etude House: ShiniStar Clear Pact No.2 Lavender!~

Annyong haseyo!!~ <3 Ring ding dong, Ring ding dong, Ring diggi ding diggi,Ding ding ding! Hello hello! Tonight’s review is kinda a continuation from Tuesday’s review which was Etude House’s ShiniStar Clear BB Lotion!

The two compliment each other EXTREMELY well! And I love the combination of these two! Both are from the SHINee Special Edition line brought to us by Etude House! <33

Carrying the same design as the rest of the Special Edition line, it’s colored pearl aqua and baby pink :> I think this logo was a hit so now we could see the same ones on the SUN BB Cream and the Bright Fit! ;)

I got no.2 Lavender! Why lavender???~~~ Why would you like to have a lavender complexion?? Maybe you would like to look like Lumpy Space Princess? 

Well actually lavender makes a good highlighter or skin brightener for those with yellow undertones!~ Just like me! :)

Dear Girls, The SHINISTAR Clear Pact provides a moist, oil-absorbent coverage to the skin for a soft focus effect! Its main ingredient, First Milk, contains antibodies which protects and nourishes skin as well.

~Etude House Philippines

Moist pressed powder subdues facial oil to promote soft, luminous skin.

[Ingredients] No PARABEN!~ yey!~ <3 :)

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Etude House: ShiniStar Clear BB Lotion!~

Annyong haseyo! SHINee’s back… SHINee’s back… SHINee’s back back back back!!! I’m so curious yeah!~ kekeke Why is this bb cream called Clear BB Lotion??? @,@ Well, I’ve got a few theories which later on I will explain :)

So this is another very cute and very loved bb cream from Etude House :> It’s called SHINISTAR Clear BB Lotion, a SHINee Special Edition! (Special Edition meaning it’s a limited edition meaning the line will not be permanent :«<)

A plus factor why you should get this is that it has SPF 20 PA ++ :) 

The packaging says ‘Whitening' I used this before and after summer time… I think it does help to get back the color of your skin and lighten it a bit more! I used this with Etude House’s O2 White Sun Cream.

The packaging is SHINee-inspired~ baby pink and pearl aqua! A mixture of Etude House’s pink girly touch and SHINee’s fan color <3 What a nice tribute to Shawols! :)

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Let’s go shopping!~ hello June!!!

Let’s go to the mall! :) Shop shop shop :> oh~~ shopping fever cause my birthday is coming up and I’m getting old @,@ I want to stay child like forever!!! XD Spent like 3 days in the mall and got great deals :D :> So that I won’t feel too greedy with these goodies I’ll think of them as early birthday gifts :))

Friday Shopping

Got necessary things like a cleaning cloth and some plastic storage boxes! gotta keep my work space clean :)

Sunday Shopping

This is really a NEED not a want, k!~ I needed a new card holder since my old one broke down ~,~ 

It’s really pretty right? :» OMO @,@ So glad it did not cost a fortune! Got this at EGG! They have loads and LOADS of pretty stuff!! <333 Eiffel Tower, Paris :>

Not only is it pretty but also very very handy! Could carry a lot of cards!!! (~ahem~ 20 cards!)

A trip to the mall is not complete without visiting Etude House :) kekeke~ I wanted to visit Etude to check out the ongoing sale at SM Megamall branch~

Got to take home nail stuff :)~! See the pretty beige/pink/shimmery nail color? It looks really pretty when applied :>

These fantastic babies were on sale!!! Tear drop & Snowflake styled nail bling bling :) Costs 40 pesos a pack!!!

New nail polishes at Etude House called Look at My Cotton Candy Nails! :) Pretty pastel colors! :)

Mommy was the one who wanted to go inside Forever21 :D And she wanted to buy this pretty choker for me :> Thank you omma! :D

It’s on 50% off so we paid less than 200 pesos for this! Will wear this to school :)) bongga!

Monday Shopping

Accompanied my sister to SM North to get her gift then of course went to Etude House… again XD It’s like they have an erika magnet installed at Etude House boutiques :)))

Got a Pure’n Fresh Feminine Wash as an additional freebie and Shinee tin case & memo pad as GWP :D Sister got the new Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit and I bought a new brush! :>

She misses the former All Day Strong BB Cream and wanted to try this! Hope it’s as good-or-better than the former :>

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Etude House Playhouse 2012: Full Story!~

Annyong haseyo!!! :D I am so happy to share my experience at the Etude House Pink Playhouse event yesterday!~ I am very thankful for the free 3 tickets given to me by Etude House Ph! Kamsa hamnida Ms. Rea and to the whole Etude House Philippines staff!! <3

It is Etude House’s first ”Playhouse” event! :D And I’d say it’s very VERY successful! There were tons of princesses and princes who attended! :D The whole atrium was filled!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

I just got my ticket the same day :) SM North is far from where I live kekeke~ and upon entering the gate one pretty pink bunny staff immediately said Ms. Erika! Blogger right? :D (OMO blush blush~ XD) and gave me the tickets! :D <3

Welcome to the playhouse! :>

Upon entering the Pink Playhouse you would be greeted with a freedom wall :D :>

Could you guess what I wrote??? ;D

kekeke~ My uh nee suggested to border the whole thing with erikajjang :)) but then the markers were gone @,@ :))

Here is a picture with the winner of my giveaway! :D :)  Sorry Noel!!!! @.@ I was very late~ :(( And he was so very nice, he even gave me a gift! A Skin Malgeum kit!!! :D :> will show that later :D :D Kamsa hamnida Noel!!!

Now onto the FOOD!!! :D

Tous Les Jours was present too! :D

Gave us a pink macaroon! :> nom nom nom!

Yummy <3 I don’t know if Tous Les Jours sell these but these are really yummy!!!

To combat the sweetness, pink popcorn was there too!! Too bad it was too salty @,@ :))

Etude House’s signature sweet treat for Princesses & Princes!~

Pink Cotton Candy!!! :>

A Beautiful Ballerina was also present :D She is so graceful!

Trying to copy her! I was a ballerina once! :)) When I was in grade school! XD

The VIPs [seated] who purchased the special Makeup kit! :D And Mr. Boram Kim, Etude Global Specialist giving a talk about skin! :)

Betsy! :D This super cute pink beetle was also present! :D :>

Tanan!! <3 :D Finally got a picture with none other but the President of Etude House Philippines Ms. Andrea Amado! She is so stunning! And I was so happy when she knew who I was :> kekeke~ Thank you!!! It made me smile! :D :> >,<

The games were so fun to play! Even without prizes I’d still play them!!!

First Game! Doll Me Up! You have to fix Dara’s face blindfolded ;)

Here are the prizes! Shawols would have so much fun in the Playhouse! Shinee folders! :>

My turn playing! :> Don’t worry because the lady would help you fix Dara’s face! :D Add eyebrows, her eyes, blush on and lips! :D no nose??~

Right~ Right!~ I laughed after seeing what I did XD OMO and everybody wins at this game! Shinee folder you are mine! :D

Next game is called Who Am I! :D This game requires skills! XD

Throwing Skills that is! :) I only got 2 out of 3 right! XD A colored ball corresponds to the product! :D

At first I thought you would have to memorize the corresponding colored ball to product! :)) I was memorizing while we were lining up :)) But the ladies would also coach you which ball corresponds to what! :D

Prize is a Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream sample! :D Grand prize is a moistfull set~

Third game which I am not lucky with is another familiar game from Etude!

It’s called the Sweetie’s Spin! :D I am not a very lucky person when it comes to spinning! Did not win anything here XD

You could win a Shinee fan here! :> aigoo~ I wanted one :« :))

Last and the most fun game was the Goal In! Pink Powder Spot!

Uh nee goofing around with the lady! :D >,<

The player would have to shoot 3 cotton buds in the ”ac pink powder spot container” kekeke!!! SUCH A CUTE GAME!!! :>

With Noel! :) Goofing around while they were fixing the ”container” XD I think the players before us were agressive :))

The mimes! :) They did a very good job at distracting us! :D

They entertained us while the others were fixing the ac container :)!

We made friends! And they were not talking at all!!! :) Good job!~ We asked if we could have the Shinee fans that they were using and they gave the fans to us! Thank you!!! :D

Me with uh nee! :) Thank you for accompanying me! :) Thank you Noel for the photo! :)

After all the games, food and fun we had, of course you need a souvenir photo to take with :)

The set was fit for royalty! ;) I love the chair and the side table! :) <3

<3 The frame of the photo is so Etude! :)

In the middle of the atrium there were displays of Etude’s Products! :D

I wanted to take this cardboard cut out home!

So pretty!!! :> I want a house like this! :D

Etude House’s Body products! :D

You could also have free skin care there! :D And the water they used was bottle water!!~ ahem ahem~ Princess!!! :>

After skin care you could have a free makeover! This is my favorite Etude House SM Masinag staff in the whole wide world!! <3 I was so happy to see her! :D

Presenting the Dear My Products!!! Finally it’s here!! :D Blushes that are so pretty :)

Dear My Blooming Pact! :D Pretty design forever!

Reminds me of Cinderella’s pumpkin ride! :D Etude~dified! :D

Cuteness overload!!! :D Bow as a compact lock! :>

Etude House’s BB Cream Bright Fit has also arrived here! Has more color shades!!! :D Hooray!!!

Of course the talk of the town Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick! :D So dainty!!!

All the products are so pretty!!! >,<

Oh!!! The Dear My Blooming Line also comes in packages!! :D

Someday Dream played at around six :) Of course Cornetto Ice Cream was present too and we ate the Disc!! Nom!!!

We finished everything!!! :D Well except for the facial care and the makeover because the line there was un~ending! :))

Next are photos with bloggers :> It’s so fun to meet them in real life!! :D

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MeToday: TagCom 2012

Annyong haseyo everybody! I just got home from a very tiring day at Ermita Manila :) Kekeke~ While we were at Robinson’s there was an event! TagCom 2012!

Tons and tons of anime fanatics and stalls!~ There were a lot of toys and collectibles too!

While going through the stores, my 2ne1-sense was thingling XD and I saw this! Tiny miniature Kpop Idol phone charms!!! :> so cute!!! 2ne1, SNSD, SUJU and Big Bang!!! :D

Girls’ Generation charms :)

2ne1!!!!! <3 so cute!!! <3 But…

I wanted Minzy!!!!~ Who bought Minzy??! Bom reminds me of the PPG :> CL so cool with shades, Dara with the Palm Tree hairstyle!

Beanies!!! :D These were on sale! 180 pesos each :D so cute!!!!! They have Rilakumma, Hello Kitty, Domo, Pandas, and Kpop Beanies (Shinee, SNSD, SUJU, 2PM, and 2ne1)

Me wearing my bias ;D kekeke~

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