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meToday: Mr. Kimbob take 2!~

Annyong haseyo!!! My daddy was craving for bibimbap! :)) So after mass we headed off to SM Masinag to eat at Mr. Kimbob again XD OMO I always get full whenever we eat there! @,@

*Japchae! The noodles are so sweet :> It has cabbage and carrots in it~ nomnom

Kimchi rice! <3 My favorite dish there :) So yummy!!! I’m still so so full until now @,@

First time to try Cha Dao~ The taste is ok! kekeke ordered wintermelon! My watermark is the same with their print XD

SM Masinag = Etude House

While my sister and I were wandering around Etude House they played~ FANTASTIC BABY by Big Bang! I of course, acted like a normal person would do, danced and sang XD Then the head manager turned up the volume and smiled at me :)) Wow Fantastic Baby XD The staff at Etude House SM Masinag are the best!!! <3 They remember us and they would always smile :D

Little shopping~ kekeke My sister and I really wanted a portable bottle for our trips this summer! I was thinking of buying the spray bottle~ Mmm… Still thinking about it XD

So we bought the Portable bottles :) 98 pesos for 2 bottles! The design is so cute!!! I think it’s paired so that you could carry the toner in one bottle and the emulsion at the other :D

Say hello to baby malgeum and big malgeum!~

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